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A Liquid Narrative Group System

IPOCL, the intent-driven partial-order causal link planning system, simultaneously reasons about causality and character intentionality/motivation in order to produce narrative sequences that are causally coherent and have elements of character believability. Originally developed at NC State University’s Liquid Narrative Group as part of Mark Riedl’s dissertation work, the most current information on IPOCL can be found now at Georgia Tech, where Mark now works.  Please see Mark’s website for up to date information on IPOCL.

Team members

  • R. Michael Young (PI while development was at NCSU)
  • Mark Riedl (lead developer)

IPOCL publications

Riedl, Mark, and Young, R. Michael. Evaluating Character Believability in Story Planners,in the Proceedings of the International Conference on Intelligent Virtual Agents 2005, pages 278-291. [PDF]

Riedl, Mark, and Young, R. Michael. A Planning Approach to Story Generation for History Education, in the 2004 International Conference on Narrative Intelligence and Learning Environments, pages 41-48.

Rield, Mark and Young, R. Michael, An Intent-Driven Planner for Multi-Agent Story Generation, in the Proceedings of the 2004 International Conference on Autonomous Agents and Multi-Agent Systems, pages 186-193. [PDF]

IPOCL sponsors

The US National Science Foundation, through CAREER Award #0092586.